Bullet Resistant Guard Booth Design Features and Options

Looking for a ballistic, blast or bullet resistant guard booth? Par-Kut designs and builds high security bullet resistant guard booths to comply with the guidelines of UL 752 and NIJ scales, rated to resist assault from ballistics up to and including armor piercing automatic rifle rounds. Par-Kut can design and manufacture bullet resistant guard booths to meet your specific ballistic threat requirements whether you need laminated glass, polycarbonate glass, gun ports or elevated gun towers.

Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booth structural design features and options include:

  • bullet resistant walls, floors & ceilings
  • bullet resistant swing and/or sliding doors
  • hydraulic door closers
  • gun ports
  • built-in restroom
  • elevated platforms for improved line of sight
  • portable trailers for rapid deployments

Par-Kut bullet resistant security booth glazing features and options include:

  • laminated bullet resistant glass (GCP or all glass)
  • polycarbonate bullet resistant glazing
  • fixed windows
  • tinted glass/insulated glass
  • reflective glass

Par-Kut bullet resistant security building HVAC and Electrical Features:

  • bullet resistant air conditioner shrouds
  • bullet resistant shrouds for vents
  • dimmable interior lights
  • exterior security lights
  • intercoms/phone & data preps
Bullet Resistant Guard Booth 17-253

In addition, Par-Kut’s extensive experiences with ballistic steel and glazing as well as Par-Kut’s fabrication techniques enable the custom design and fabrication of enclosures for specialized security applications such as blast resistant engineering, sloped sides and elevated platforms. Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booths are all rugged, secure and portable, and are easy to move by forklift or crane. A Par-Kut portable steel building is an asset in any security setting.

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth 17-192
Bullet Resistant Guard Booth 17-192

Moreover, Par-Kut’s architectural design capability allows us to design bullet resistant guard booths to provide pleasing aesthetics by utilizing architectural design enhancements such as roof, window and wall treatments; special façade and wall treatments, a variety of paint schemes, customized structural design, etc.. Further, Par-Kut an architectural bullet resistant booth can complement the environments and surrounding architecture. Lastly, Par-Kut guard house designers works in conjunction with architects, contractors and developers as an integral part
of the site development.

For drawings, colors and the levels of bullet resistant construction, visit
www.parkut.design/get-a-quote or call 1-800-394-6599.

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