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Bullet Resistant Enclosures

Depending upon the perceived threat level and perimeter conditions, Par-Kut International manufactures bullet resistant enclosures to provide projection against weapons ranging from 9mm hand guns up to high end automatic assault weapons. Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures even provide protection against armor piercing bullets and ballistic weapons.

Par-Kut has succeeded as a key supplier of ballistic rated enclosures and security officer shelters. Although no method of construction is “bullet proof”, the Par-Kut high security line of bullet resistant enclosures offer a degree of safety taht can not be found in standard steel construction. Superior welding techniques, inspections and engineering procedures all guarantee that the ballistic protection is achieved as specified.

Portable .

Rugged Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booths are portable and can be easily moved using forklift  or by using factory installed lift rings. The trailer mounted bullet resistant security booths are also available upon request for rapid portability.

Versatile .

Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booths may be free standing, attached to an existing structure or built on a tower up to 40′ high. The bullet resistant enclosures can be provided on a rugged trailer for rapid portability.

Aesthetic .

Par-Kut offers aesthetic features to enhance the bullet resistant guard booth appearance. The aesthetic features include eye pleasing facades, roof, wall and window treatments to complement the existing environment and architecture.

A bullet resistant enclosure for Every

High Security Environment

Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures have been used for gun towers, surveillance security booths, perimeter checkpoints, inspection booths and security shelters.

Par-Kut has been instrumental in contributing to the efforts of U.S. homeland security. Our clients include:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Domestic and Overseas U.S. Military Bases
  • Border Crossings
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Shiping Ports
  • Airports
  • U.S. Government and Customs Agencies
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • High Security Companies

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Bullet Resistant Enclosures

Par-Kut will meet your specific ballistic threat requirements. Listed below are the base threat levels testing parameters commonly used in the industry.

Bullet Resistant Enclosure Options .

The bullet resistant enclosure option list is extensive and includes additional doors, enhanced thermal insulation, electrical battery backup systems, reflective glass, gun ports, phone and data preps, dimmable or red interior lighting, exterior flood lights, and additional electrical outlets. A bullet resistant guard booth can also include transaction drawers or deal trays, cash handling equipment, intercoms, customized work counters, anti fatigue floor mats, directional lighting or signage, lighting or even a generator.

Bullet Resistant Glass .

Durability and Longevity .