Architectural Design

Security Guard House Design Architectural / Environmental Application

Architectural Design

We make our portable security buildings complement the environment and/or existing architecture. 

Par-Kut has a large selection of standard floor plans for factory-assembled portable security buildings from single officer security guard houses, to main gate security booths, to parking booths with ADA compliant restroom, to elevated bullet resistant enclosures. Once a floor plan is determined, the designer can select from a number of styles to reflect site architecture or to accent the character of the local neighborhood. With our customized structural design, we also build portable steel buildings that  border on architectural masterpieces. Our customized security booth applications are as follows:

  • Entrance Booth
  • Customs Inspections
  • Check Point Guard House
  • High Security Environments

Options and Features

Security booth or guard house options and features provide additional functionality and comfort for your security officers as well as increasing the security level. Some of the common security booth features and options include tinted and/or insulated glass, , exterior flood lights, extended roof overhangs, additional countertop space, additional convenience outlets, finish flooring, air conditioners, heaters, restrooms and more.

Portable . Prefabricated .

Each Par-Kut security booth’s basic frame is already factory constructed ahead of time, and from the basic frame, we will build the security booth that meets your needs. Since most components of a security booth are completed in the factory, the construction time is significantly shorter than the traditional “stick-built” construction. A prefabricated guard booth is factory-assembled, and ships to customer location complete and ready to use, A prefab security booth is also portable, and can be transported easily.

Versatile . Flexible .

Keeping up with the industry changes has allowed Par-Kut to become more versatile in fabrication techniques. From explosion resistant industrial equipment shelters to modern trailer mounted guard booths, Par-Kut has provided the solutions to the unusual booth & shelter design challenges.

Durable . Long Lasting .

Using long-lasting materials, uncompromising workmanship, innovative design and 100% welded steel construction allows Par-Kut to provide the most durable, long-lasting portable security booths, guard houses, ticket booths and other guard booth applications that withstand harsh weather.

Architectural . Aesthetic .

Par-Kut guard house designers also architecturally design a guard house or security booth that provides an impressive and aesthetic focal point that complement an existing building or its surrounding environment.

We also do

Custom Design

Platform elevated, two story structures, add-ons to existing booth construction, trailer mounted and even large scale  complete multi-room security buildings are all within Par-Kut’s custom capabilities.

Security Building 19-083
Multi-Room Security Building 19-083

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