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Custom Ticket Booth Design

Par-Kut International designs and builds ticket booths for stadiums, arenas and festival entrances. Ticket booths can be basic, or custom-designed and are always designed with security in mind. Cash drawers, transaction trays and floor safes are available to help secure your receipts.

Par-Kut has brought more unique ticket booth design and fabrication requests to reality than any other portable ticket booth manufacturers. In recent years, Par-Kut has made strives in advancing metal fabrication technology. Staying ahead of industry trends has allowed Par-Kut to become more versatile in production techniques. Par-Kut has provided the solution to the unusual ticket booth design challenge.

Portable . Prefabricated .

Welded steel Par-Kut prefabricated ticket booths, also known as prefab ticket booths are portable and can be easily moved using forklift or by using factory installed lift rings.

Versatile .

Whether your ticket booth is for a festival, an amusement park or a major entertainment venue, Par-Kut ticket booths can be modified to meet your needs exactly. For multiple station ticket sales, windows can be arranged along a long wall for several walk up service lines or along the sides of the ticket booth.

Architectural .

 Architectural improvements are done by adding optional exterior treatments at the roof, windows and exterior walls. If the surroundings have a certain architectural style, the ticket booth can borrow some of the same design elements such as brick or stone, window framings, crown moldings, etc. 

Attention to Aesthetics

And Architecture

As stewards for an attractive environment, Par-Kut International has taken strides to enhance options, features and fabrication techniques to make our prefabricated, portable ticket booths complement architecture or serve as an addition to an existing structure.Aesthetics in architectural design is to incorporate free standing structures into the overall design scheme. Throughout the years. Par-Kut has remained the leader in architectural ticket booth design and site planning.

Par-Kut manufactures portable ticket booths that border on architectural masterpieces with the following features and fabrication techniques:

  • Special Fascade Applications
  • Roof Treatments
  • Paint and Graphic Coordination
  • Customized Structural Design

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Ticket Booth Design Options and Features

A ticket booth design varies, depending on the type of ticket booth application. Typically, Par-Kut ticket booths include heat and air conditioning, interior and exterior lighting, electrical outlets, and an electrical service panel. For year round operations, ticket booths are often designed with architectural features that reflect the surroundings and include features that make for a more comfortable operation even with changes in the weather due to the seasons of the year.

Interior Options . Functional Features .

Functional features in ticket booths may include; single or multiple selling positions, speaker tubes, intercoms, cashier windows, locking cash drawers, safes, counters/shelves & deal trays with transaction covers.

Exteror Options

The exterior of the booth can be customized for a more customer friendly experience with the addition of exterior lights, extended roof overhangs for weather protection, and package shelves that allow for someone to rest a purse or package upon while they are filling out a credit card bill.

Security Options

Par-Kut ticket booth security options include locking cash drawers & floor safes, transaction deal trays, shielded speak thru windows, standard sliding cashier windows, high security locks on the doors, and vandal resistant glass. Par-Kut also provides ticket booths with roll down shutters and even bullet resistant construction for even higher security.