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Par-Kut Story .

Welcome to Par-Kut International – a manufacturer of portable steel buildings since 1954. Par-Kut has been committed to providing the safest, most appealing and durable portable steel buildings including security booths, guard houses, guard booths, parking booths, ticket booths, control booths, transit shelters and more to virtually every industry known.

Par-Kut has taken strides to develop options, features and fabrication skills to make our security booths, buildings or shelters to complement the environment and/or existing architecture. Our philosophy in architectural booth design is to incorporate free standing guard booth structures to the overall design scheme. throughout the years, Par-Kut has remained cognizant of changing security booth trends in architectural and site planning.

Our Story

History About Par-Kut .

In the 1950’s, our company was named “Par-Kut” since parking lot huts were the only product we manufactured at the time. From the early days until well into the 1970s, our firm’s full name was Par-Kut Engineering and Fabricating. Later on, the name was changed to Par-Kut International with an eye towards market expansion in other countries as well as here in the United States.

Par-Kut has always designed buildings with good looks and durability in mind. Backed with highest quality construction materials and workmanship, our buildings are environmentally complementing and eye-pleasing. Crane or fork liftable, bullet resistant enclosures and portable steel buildings are our specialty now.

Our Expertise .

Architectural Design100%
Bullet Resistant Design100%
Welded Steel Construction100%
Factory Assembly98%
Portable Steel Security Building Loading

Architectural . Aesthetic .

Par-Kut portable steel buildings are available in various styles and colors and can embrace many different exterior designs accomplished with various types of glass and roof top shapes, two-tone paint, and brick veneers. Through these treatments Par-Kut prefab security booths can complement the surrounding and/or existing architecture. We have constantly made great efforts to bring functional and aesthetic security booth design ideas to the production floor

Serious about Security .

Par-Kut provides a safe and comfortable safe shelter to keep security personnel secure as well as pleasant. Par-Kut guard house security options include security screens, intercoms, reflective glass, gun portals, dimmable interior lights, exterior lighting, bullet resistant construction to UL 752, Level 8 and more.

Durable . Portable .

Par-Kut provides the most durable, long-lasting, welded galvanized portable steel buildings. Par-Kut security booths are all prefabricated and portable. The factory-assembled security booth allows you to easily move it with a forklift or a crane. Par-Kut’s guard houses are all welded steel construction with the use of durable, low maintenance materials to ensures the security booth’s greatest longevity.