Security Booth Design .

Security Guard House Design
Achitectural Design

Par-Kut has developed features and fabrication techniques to make our security booths, security guard houses  or guard booths complement the environment and/or existing architecture. A prevalent philosophy in architectural design is to incorporate free standing structures into the overall architectural design scheme.

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth 17-192
Bullet Resistant Booth Design

Par-Kut designs bullet resistant guard booths to offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm hand guns up to high end automatic assault weapons. Par-Kut Bullet Resistant Enclosures even offer protection against armor piercing bullets. Par-Kut proven bullet resistant construction guarantees comfort and security.

Ticket Booth 16-351
Ticket Booth Design

As stewards for an attractive environment, Par-Kut has taken strides to develop features and fabrication techniques to make our ticket booths complement architecture or serve as an addition to an existing structure. The entire Par-Kut design team is dedicated to making your ticket booth attractive, long-lasting and functional.

Transit Shelter 2K462
Transit Shelter Design

Par-Kut  security booth design capability is also used to create transit shelters or security shelters to complement existing architecture or environments. Custom roof designs and overhangs, special lighting, window treatments, are only a few ways to give a visual edge to any transit shelter or security shelter. 

Par-Kut Story

We are guard house designers, fabricators and builders; we are makers .

Welcome to Par-Kut International – manufacturers of high quality, portable steel buildings for over 60 years. Since 1954, Par-Kut has been committed to providing virtually every industry with the safest, most appealing  and durable security booths and security booth applications available. From parking attendant booths to bullet resistant guard booths with high security enclosures to transit shelters – we’ve designed and built them all.

Par-Kut has remained the parking and security industry leader through innovative booth design and uncompromising craftsmanship. Par-Kut design team also provides architectural guard booth design.  Par-Kut can design a security guard booth to fit in with the surrounding architecture of your building. Par-Kut security guard houses are all prefabricated, portable and factory-assembled with welded steel construction, so that Par-Kut security booths are easily to be installed to your location. Our architecturally-designed modern guard house complements the existing architectural design elements to grant your facility.

We Deliver

Security & Durability .

Par-Kut has been the logical choice to provide security buildings for military and government installations as well as airports, border crossings and other access  control points. Par-Kut’s durable single unit construction and factory electric package offers longevity and reliability while providing safety and comfort to security personnel.

Worldwide security concerns have pushed the need for guard booths built to  bullet resistant specifications. Par-Kut’s extensive experience with ballistic steel & glazing enables the production of Bullet Resistant Enclosures which comply with the NIJ scale and UL 752, rated to resist assault from ballistics up to and including armor piercing automatic rifle rounds.

Bullet Resistant Security Booth
Guard Booth Design
We Make

Perfection .

Through special facade applications, roof treatments, paint and graphic coordination and even customized structural design, Par-Kut produces portable steel buildings including security booths, guard houses, guard booths, ticket booths, transit shelters and other security booth applications that border on architectural masterpieces. Likewise, buildings in conjunction with architects, contractors and developers to assure that the portable steel building is an intragral part of the site development and not an obtrusive add-on. We make perfection!

Architectural .

Par-Kut provides architectural security booth designs that are ideal for the application where visual first impressions are critical.

Versatile .

Par-Kut portable steel buildings fit a wide range of applications from security booths to security shelters and virtually every industry.

Portable .

Par-Kut modern guard houses are prefabricated, factory-assembled, portable, and easy to move with a forklift or crane.

Our Expertise .

Architectural Design100%
Bullet Resistant Design100%
Welded Steel Construction100%
Factory Assembly98%

Versatility & Aesthetic Design .

Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booths have been built to virtually every dimension and configuration to meet the most demanding specifications.

Our versatile design capability is also used to build security booths to complement existing architecture or environment to provide aesthetic looks by implementing our extensive options and features.

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